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wedding photographers

We are Kamil and Simona and we have been photographing weddings together for 8 years. 


We believe that work in tandem gives us a great opportunity to improve the quality of photos to capture the most important moments and emotions and, ultimately, to offer two different but complementary perspectives. 


In addition to wedding photography, Kamil focuses mainly on product and architecture photography. Simona is mostly a family photographer at non-weekend time and spends most of her free time realizing her own projects in portrait photography. We try to use all this in wedding photography. We love reportage style, but we attach the same weight to portraits of you two. Of course, the visual aspect of our photos is also important for us. More dramatic compositions, bold colors, dynamics and contrast can all be described as our characteristic personal style. 

How do we work?

Svatební fotograf Praha Brno

Because we are two, right from the early preparations are trying to capture as many moments around... and also those moments where you can´t be at. Kamil takes pictures of family, friends meetings, groom's preparation and decoration ceremony. Simona spends time with the bride, family, friends, and uses this time to make creative portraits of the bride during her preparation. During the ceremony, one of us tries to capture the emotions of the loved ones and the other is the "official" photographer of the ceremony. Interesting are also two different views on the same situation. We are close to you all day, but we are glad if you don't know much about us :) 

Svatební fotograf Praha



How does a portrait shoot, even if you don't like it? :)

Jak probíhá portrétní focení, i když jej nemáte moc v oblibě?:)

As we have already mentioned, we like to take portraits of you two, but in some sense, we do not consider them the most important. Much more important are precisely those unique moments that cannot and will not be repeated. For this reason, we prefer a wedding report and portrait photography itself usually does not devote more than 1.5 hours of time. Your guests have come a long way to you and we are pleased that you can spend your wedding day mainly with them. In any case, your wish is important to us and we will comply with it. Thanks to our experience we have a few "recommendations" for you :) 

The shooting can be divided into two parts, before or immediately after the ceremony, in very close surroundings or directly at the wedding venue. If the weather is good for us and we are lucky in the beautiful evening light, it is ideal to focus the main shoot just for this time. If you don't have a cameraman, 45-60 minutes is enough for the photoshoot. We also welcome if you send us a few pictures of interesting, nearby locations during your wedding preparations, so we have a preliminary idea of where to take pictures.

wedding photographer Prague

And what if the forecast is a big bunch of luck in the form of rain?

focení svtby cena





Yes, of course, these are not ideal conditions, but we will certainly not spoil our mood. Splitting the wedding shoot into two parts allows you to select the main shoot according to the current forecast. For example, large windows with raindrops or old cars are photogenic, but a place with nice light is enough. We also recommend a transparent or very colorful umbrella. 

svatební focení

What if we don't have time for a photo shoot or the circumstances don't wish for us?

It is also possible to arrange a post-wedding photoshoot. Since this is not a wedding day, we can plan according to the weather and focus on the best conditions and locations. Details are in the price list. 

wedding photographer Prague

What about the deposit, payment and hand over of photographs? 

At first, we will ask you to send a deposit of 5000 CZK to the agreed bank account. This is a reservation fee for your requested term. You will pay the remaining amount after you receive the edited photos in web resolution. Immediately after the payment is received, we will send you a print resolution of the photos. Processing time is 3-6 weeks depending on the current situation. We also like black and white photos that can enhance the atmosphere, so in your album, you will find a mix of color and b & w. 

svatební fotograf

If you like our photos and would like us to be part of your big day, we will be happy to send you more information via e-mail. Tell us when and where your wedding will take place, how many guests you are planning and in what style you would like to have it. And last but not least, where did you hear about us :) 

Thank you very much! 



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